Why the Ghost of Henry Haunted the Ghost Hunter Shop

Why the Ghost of Henry Haunted the Ghost Hunter Shop


Having a ghost to hang out at my Ghost Hunter Shop was a rather good deal.  Over the many years that I taught my Ghost Hunter Certification class there were many times Henry would come through and assist by sending us messages that we captured on audio as an EVP or appear as an apparition in a photo and guide us to other ghosts that needed our help crossing over. 

Shortly after I married Chuck, I became Marketing Director of his Art Gallery Business.  I managed his website, I was a representative to his retail clients, I organized and created his catalog which included equine horse art along with equine sculptures and other home décor items.  After about a week of coming into the gallery and working I started to feel that there might be a spirit lurking in the background of the building, especially up at the front desk.  Finally, I went to Chuck and asked if he had noticed any kind of weird, unexplained activity going on up at the front desk or down the halls.  He thought and responded with a no.  I explained to him that I had seen a figure out of the corner of my eyes appearing around the front desk and down the hallway.  He looked at me and said he just remembered that sometimes in the evening when he would work late and by himself, he could hear someone walking down the hall and thought someone had entered the gallery.  Once he checked it out there would be no one there, just himself in the building. 

I happened to be working in my office one day and the electric adding machine beside me started to sound out as if someone was entering figures to be added.  I must say that I jump a bit and turned to watch to see if it would happen again.  It just sat there quiet.  Hum, I thought.  I moved over close to the machine and asked, “If there is a sweet spirit here that would like to communicate with me please make the adding machine go off again.” Within seconds the adding machine made the sound again.  I looked at the paper in the machine and there were no figures printed as the sound would indicate.  I thought that maybe there was some sort of electrical problem, so I unplugged the machine and then plugged it back into the outlet.  Once again, I asked if the spirit is still here please answer by making the machine go off again.  The machine sounded out again as if someone was entering a figure and again there was no printed numbers on the paper.  I then took a closer look at the adding machine and saw where the paper had been turned off.  At this point I was so excited that I went down the hall and gathered everyone in Chuck’s office and took them back to my office.  I explained to them what had happened and explained that I thought it might be the ghost that I had been seeing over the last few day.  So, while I had everyone there, I asked the sweet spirit to make the adding machine go off again and it did.  The staff just looked at me and walked out of the office.  They were still adjusting to me being there let alone that I was going to show them that the building was haunted. No way was that going to happen.

Chuck was very supported of my skill to communicate with ghost and spirits.  Shortly, after I started teaching Ghost Hunting classes at our local Lexington Community College, LCC, he encouraged me I to open the first brick and mortar Ghost Hunter Shop in the US in 2000.  His gallery was over 8,000 square feet so he gave me a small area and I created the Ghost Hunter Shop.  This was a great idea.  Now after my ghost hunter classes I had a shop where my students could come and collect the necessary items for ghost hunting.  I supplied the shop with vests and other ghost gear, ghost instruments that included EMF meters, laser thermometers, audio recorders, books, and more.  I also included metaphysical items such as sage for smudging, stones for grounding, and rods and pendulums for dowsing just to name a few.

After 8 years of teaching both ghost hunter classes, Into to Ghost Hunting and Advanced Ghost Hunting, at the college I decided to leave the college and just teach the classes at my ghost hunter shop.  We had a large board room with a huge mahogany table that would sit ten people.  I invested in a 42” smart TV and hooked it to my computer with the PowerPoint presentation and it made the most awesome classroom.  The ghost hunter shop was just down the hall and was full of equipment that was not always easy to find at that time.  It was a real plus to have the Ghost Hunter Shop for the students.

As my classes continued, I met a wonderful psychic medium, Victor Paruta, the owner of the Victory of Light. His URL https://www.wvxu.org/term/victory-light He decided to take my Ghost Hunter Certification Class.  After the completion of the class, I would include a 2-hour ghost hunt inside the entire building.  During the ghost investigation I told Victor that our building was being haunted by a black man and when I would see him, he would be dressed in overalls.  Victor tapped into the ghost’s energy and told me that at one time he was on this property back in the 50’s.  Now this building was not build until 1985 so he had nothing to do with the building, just the property.  Victor said that he died of a heart attack when he was in his 50’s and strangely enough he said he was getting information that he died in the 1950’s.  He also said that he worked with animals.  He took care of them.  Since the building was so close to the Red Mile Racetracks, I thought that he might have worked with the horses.  When I mentioned this to Victor he disagreed and said he did not think it was horses.  He felt like it might have been more exotic animals, like lions, elephants, bears.  That was certainly a strange suggestion.  I told Victor that I had gathered that he was in his fifty’s and he was a black man, but I could not pick up on a name.  Victor said his name was Henry.

After learning his name, we started saying good-bye to Henry every evening as we were leaving the shop.  On the holidays we would say things like, “Merry Christmas Henry” or “Happy New Year Henry”.  If we notice anything out of place or hear strange noises we would ask, “Is that you Henry”.  After a while I began to include talking to him during classes and I would ask him to join us.

On one occasion, during one of our ghost hunts after class, one of my students, Vicki Hogan, was walking down the hall and decided to turn around and take a picture of the front desk at the end of the hallway.  We were so thrilled to see the photo of an apparition.  As we observed the image and had it enlarged you could see that the apparition was dressed in black and had dark brown skin on the face and arms.  Since this is the location where I saw Henry the most, I felt sure that this photo of an apparition was Henry. 

At another class, I had just started our investigation when we got this awesome EVP and after listening to it, I felt sure that it was Henry.  He was becoming more active as we continued having my classes at the shop.  We had cleared the hallway and was about the enter the area of the employee lounge.  In the EVP capture you can hear me laugh and say, “This is my favorite room, the employee lounge” and then I laugh at myself for saying a funny, when I heard with my natural ear, “Look behind me”.  I turned to look at the group of 6 women and I asked if anyone was whispering.  I always tell my student before we start a ghost investigation not to whisper.  If they want to express themselves do it in a regular voice so we will not think it is a ghost speaking.  I then admitted that I heard a voice that said, “Look behind me”.  At that point I turned off my audio recorder and rewound it and sure enough we heard the EVP of a male voice say, “Look behind me”.  It is so important to me that anytime I do a ghost investigation I record the entire hunt.  This is what I advise my students to do because I always get so many more EVPs this way. 

One day I was in my shop restocking and around the corner I saw someone walked in.  I went over to greet them and there was no one there.  I had this hair on the back of my neck rising and felt that Henry was present.  I asked him, “Why do you stay here?  At the end of the ghost hunt we always do a cross over session, but you do not go, and you remain here.  Can you tell me why?”  He told me that he was helping me with the students to learn firsthand how to cope, communicate and understand some of the ghost and spirits that we had encountered at the shop.  He said he was a facilitator and would find the troubled spirits and bring them to us.  This made good sense.  I did wonder how it was that no matter how often I did these ghost classes and hunts that we always got such good evidence.  We always had a good variety of spirits that would come through and tell us their stories through EVPs or dowsing.  I felt so blessed to have Henry helping me with my students.  What a great way to learn about these sweet spirits.

I also had created a Mystical Paranormal Fair back in 2010.  We had vendors and psychic and different therapist to join the event happened once a month.  This was another place for my students to come and learn more about the metaphysical side of life.  One day during this event I had a former student show me a new phone app that she had downloaded to her iPhone.  It was called Ghost Radar.  As she was walking down the hall she asked if anyone was with her that would like to give her a message.  Within a few seconds a dot appears on the radar and a word flashed onto the screen.  It was a name, and the name was Henry. 

Most of the ghost hunts you hear about or watch on TV have something that I notice was a common link.  In some hauntings you might have an idea of who the ghost might be by local stories or folklore that is connected to the location.  Sometimes you go into a haunted place and have no idea who it might be and why they are haunting it.  Also, when you do get some strong evidence of a haunting of a location what comes next?  Do you just leave knowing that it is haunted, or do you try to help lost spirits that are stuck in that location if that be the case?  I guess what I am getting at, it is exceedingly rare to have a ghost hunt that will include a beginning, middle, and an end.  At the beginning would include the history, the middle would be what activity it has created, and the end would be how the fate of the ghost haunting the place is helped.  This combination makes the best lesson learned while ghost hunting paranormal activity.

One day a gentleman came into the building to visit the art gallery and he needed a frame for one of his aerial photos.  When Chuck began to talk to the man, he noticed that the 1950 aerial photo was in fact Chuck’s property where the gallery building stands.  He noticed that in the center of the property, instead of his building, there was a big top circus tent.  Chuck asks the man what that tent was used for. He told Chuck that years ago the lion’s club would bring in the circus that was featured at the Red Mile Racing Tracks.  Since the property was so close to the Red Mile, they put the tent in this clearing for all the large animals.  What a wonderful discovery.  Now it made sense what Victor said when he explained that Henry took care of exotic animals.  What an awesome validation. 

LEX 18 News contacted me in October 2013. They needed a good ghost story to air so I told them about Henry.  I think because we had all three elements that makes a good story, beginning, middle, and end, I knew Henry’s story would be the best.

The story of Henry was featured on the Mystery Monday LEX 18 about the story of Henry who haunts the Ghost Hunter Shop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWdcsDDBOPc   

It was a melancholy day when I had to close my doors to the Ghost Hunter Shop in 2016.  The last time I left the building I turned and said, “Goodbye Henry. Thank you for all the love. Now you are free to leave and complete your journey.  I hope you find joy and peace as you go and join your loved ones.”

Ghostly Orbs – True or False

Ghostly Orbs – True or False

Let’s talk about orbs.  First, among paranormal investigators, the subject of orbs is highly controversial. Are they related to what, exactly?  Is an orb a simple contaminate floating in the air like dust, fuzz, pollen, snow, rain, bug, and other particles creating an illusion by the reflection of light source resulting in a globe shaped anomaly?  Through testing purposes, these orbs can be created depending on the form of light used during photographic attempts.  For example, many times when I was videoing or taking photos in a ray of light, I would always get that little green orb. This was not a spirit. This orb was created through the spectrum of light.  On the other hand, some orbs can be transparent or white, because of a light source reflecting off a particle when appearing in photos and videos. These orbs are not part of a paranormal experience.

On a rare occasion, sometimes these orbs are seen with the natural eye and appear to be intelligent energy orbs that communicate and follow instructions.  This type of interaction with an orb is harder to explain away that it was dust caused by a reflection of light that resulted in a sphere anomaly.

Some paranormal enthusiasts believe that orbs could be manifestation of energy that is connected to spirits, ghosts, spirit guides, and angels.  Over my years of ghost hunting, I have seen orbs with my natural eyes and watched them move while filming.  I have noticed that some orbs will drift or travel in a group going into the same direction.  When this happens, I think that I am witnessing contamination in the atmosphere and that is not a spirit or ghost.  But when I notice that the orb seems to have an intent on motion then I pay close attention to that orb.  If I notice that the orb is moving back and forth, slow then fast, appearing in and out of the frame, I will ask questions, “Sweet Spirits, can you please go to the right hand of Betty so we can capture your energy on film.  I will not harm you or exploit you and any way.  I just want to prove that you exist.  Thank you.”  Then when I start taking snap shots or if I am videoing and capture an orb near or on the right hand, I feel I have communicated with an intelligent energy.  This could possibly be a loved one that has passed, a spirit, a ghost, or a spirit guide.

For years I have received emails that would include photos of orbs that appeared at funerals, weddings, graduations, family reunions, hospital rooms, and other gatherings.  The questions they asked in these emails were if I could confirm that the orb or orbs was a certain loved one that had passed on and had come back to the visit them during the event. I would like to think that in these gatherings when the energy is so charged with love and joy that they would attract our loved ones form the spiritual realm and they would come back to be a part of the wonderful events.  During other times like funerals and hospitals maybe they come back to support us in our time of grief and assist the one that is passing over.

One of my greatest joys is to share my experiences of the spirit world with my grandchildren and nieces and nephews.  Sometimes when I go to family events the kids would come and sit around me to hear some of my latest adventures with ghosts.  I would pull out my iPhone and show them some of my favorite apparitions and orbs from previous ghost investigations.  On one of these family events the kids wanted me to take them to the downstairs playroom and take pictures of them to see if I could get a spirit orb to come to them.  I started out by asking if there were any sweet spirits in the room and then took some snapshot with my iPhone.  We started to get orbs to appear and that thrilled them all.  I told them that I wanted to see if we could get proof that they were good spirits so the children would not be afraid.  I asked one of the oldest to hold out her hand and lean in for a kiss and as she held that pose, I asked the sweet spirit to give her a kiss back.  Upon snapping the iPhone camera, I captured the most amazing shot ever for a spirit orb.  The orb appeared in her hand just as she was in the kissing stance.  When I revealed the photo to the kids they squealed with excitement.

Ghost hunting is not an exact science.  Some of us depend on electromagnetic equipment, audio recorders, cameras, video recorders, and EVP apps, to mention a few, as means to collect evidence during a ghost investigation.  Some of us like to tap into our psychic abilities to communicate directly with the spirits during an investigation.  We also like to implement other metaphysical items such as semi-precious stones, smudging, dowsing rods, and pendulums to enhance our ability to communicate with the spirits.  For me, I like to say that ghost hunting is at its best while working with the science and the sensitive.

My sensitive capabilities work well when dealing with orbs during an investigation.  One of my most complicated orb experiences was capturing colored orbs.  They would show up in the color pink, purple, blue, green, orange, black, and red.  One day I asked myself, “What could it mean to see an orb in a vivid color?”  The answer came to me that maybe the spirit orb was exposing its aura. The color of the aura could reveal its personality, mood, or a condition.  I liked that explanation. I began to notice the colors and if there were a direct association with the location, or if there was a connection to the situation at hand for the orb to appear in a color.  If I saw a green orb, I would feel like I was meeting a spirit that was capable of healing.  I would check the history and I would learn that there was a doctor that died in that location.  This was a good confirmation for me.  If the color was yellow, I would pick up that the spirit could teach, instruct, or council and again that would confirm who the spirit was.  So, I began to ask the sweet spirit to show their aura or let us know how they felt that time.  Once I explained this, I would start getting orbs in colors. 

 To give an example of this I had a wonderful experience with a color orb that involved a dear friend of my, Chip Coffey, world renown, psychic medium.  For a few years Chip and I traveled over the US to universities and colleges performing lectures with a PowerPoint presentation of evidence captured on ghost investigations.  During one of our Q&A sessions there was a professor standing in the back of the room.  While Chip was answering questions, he stopped and pointed to the professor.  He started a conversation with him and told him he had a message from spirit to share.  After getting permission from the professor to share the information, he told him that he was going to have a child and it would be a little girl.  The professor agreed that his wife had just found out that she was pregnant, but they did not know the gender of the child.  At that point I decided to take a picture of the professor and on top of his head there was a big pink orb.  I thought that was a rather good confirmation.  We did find out that later that he did have a little girl.





The Dead Speak from Beyond the Grave

The Dead Speak from Beyond the Grave

The Dead Speak Beyond the Grave.

One of my favorite cemeteries is found in Lexington, KY and dates to the late 1800’s.  The location is private, but I was allowed to take my students there for several ghost investigations.  When I was teaching Ghost Hunting at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College, during 2001-2008, I chose this cemetery because of the constant ghostly activity.  We would get great EVPs that were captured on a variety of analog audio recorders. 

Over the many years of evaluating my ghost evidence I have developed an eye for catching anomalies in my photos and videos and, I have developed an ear for hearing the EVPs come through the audio recorders and video recorders.  My talent for having great hearing skills was developed from my earlier years during my classes in my high school band.  Our director would play musical concert pieces and then have us write down every instrument that was playing the tune.  When doing this you have to listen to all the different layers of sound and pitch to figure out the different instruments.  Sometimes the most difficult part of capturing EVPs is when the voice come across as multiple people are talking.  This is where I must listen to all the different layers to catch the EVP.  Sometimes the EVP message is relevant to the conversation and other times it is not.

As we were completing our investigation one evening, I noticed on the stone fence there was an audio recorder that was still recording.  I wanted to make sure that the student did not forget to pack it up with the other equipment, so I asked the group who did the recorder belong to.  One student explained that it was her recorder.  After clearing that mystery, I asked for the students to return my meters.  Part of the course was to let the students use my equipment so they could learn how to use each piece during a ghost investigation.  As they were returning the instruments, I would say thank you and they responded thank you as well.  To my joy, the recorder that was left on the stone fence was still recording and captured a great EVP that said loud and clear, “Thank you”.  When I am asked to do Library or college PowerPoint presentations on ghost hunting this is one of my favorite EVPs to share.

I have had many other seasoned and novice ghost hunters ask me why I get so many EVPs during my investigations.  I would like to think it is because I start my investigation by showing honor and respect to the ghost and spirits that we might encounter during this time.  I start with a group prayer.  I introduce myself and address them as Sweet Spirits when explaining to them why we are here.  I ask them to help us prove that they exist by showing themselves or talking to us or use physical energy to move items as we record them.  If a cemetery is our location, I take trash bags and encourage the others to pick up trash before we get started.  A few times we have found smaller headstones that were broken off and laying on the ground.  At that time, we would pick the headstone up and place it back onto the base.  I honestly think that our actions and the way we speak to them shows our respect and they in turn help us by speaking and giving us that evidence we are hoping to collect.

While we were at the cemetery where we picked up the broken headstone and placed it back onto its base, I got a grateful EVP that said, “Thank you kindly”.  Now this EVP was one of those that came through while a few of us were talking so you really must listen to hear him say his thank you kindly. I tell my students the more you listen the more you will learn to hear these background EVPs. 

Another EVP that we were blessed to get during another class was from a little girl.  Her voice sounds like maybe 5 to 6 years old.  This was another EVP that was captured while we were talking.  The name that came through loud and clear was Nonnie.  Just as a heads up, Nonnie/Noni/Nonie is commonly a term of endearment for an Italian grandmother.  The names on some of the headstones that we could read were Hull and Key and these names come from Anglo Saxon. I did not find any Italian sir names on the standing headstones.  However, there were several headstones that were broken or too hard to read the names.

I found another cemetery, also located in Lexington, KY, where I could take my students.  The first time I was there I wanted to make sure it would be active enough to have my students join me.  At this time, it was just me and my husband, Chuck that was checking it out.  While I was there, I walked over to a headstone that described a child.  As I was talking about this headstone, I captured the voice of a small child say, “Mama”.  You really must listen to hear it because of the heavy static that was recorded as well.

At this same cemetery, on another night, I was doing a ghost investigation for a local TV station around Halloween.  While walking around reading the headstones I happened upon a small grave site of a child.  To my surprise my EMF meter went off as I was reading the information on the headstone.  I thought, “This is interesting”.  You can hear me speak to the TV camera man about how strange it was that my meter went off.  After reviewing my audio recording, I heard an EVP come through and it says, “Save me.”.  Shortly after getting the EVP the meter goes off again.  So, the meter goes off before and after I get the EVP, “Save me.”.

I am posting these EVPs below so that you can listen to each one as many times as you like.  If you have earphones you might be able to hear some of the EVPs better. 

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Various Techniques to capture Paranormal EVPs During a ghost investigation.

Various Techniques to capture Paranormal EVPs During a ghost investigation.

Various Techniques to capture Paranormal EVPs on a ghost investigation.

My favorite part of ghost hunting is collecting evidence for a possible haunting of the location. When someone asks me what my favorite piece of equipment for a ghost investigation my answer is always an audio recorder.  When I capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) I feel that this evidence is vital in attempting to prove that the location is possibly haunted. I make sure to set up the EVP session by controlling the possible contamination during the recording in hopes of getting a clean EVP.  I check and eliminate the possibility of someone in the room talking or whispering, check to make sure all talking devices are turned off, and check for local sounds (factor steam releases, etc.) and weird animal sounds (cats or squeaky mice, etc.)  Sometimes we might capture voices coming through radio waves from live voices on the radio.  We still have the lack of absolute proof of a haunting even when we capture these EVPs under these conditions.

For me, I like asking questions to see if I can get a response in the form of an EVP and most important that the answer to the questions has some relevance.  When I go into a place and the history tells me that a person by the name of Henry hanged himself in the attic then I ask for a name during the recording of an EVP session.  When I play the recording back and indeed, we get the name Henry I will eliminate the possibility of picking up the regular radio waves.   It is hard to imagine a local radio station announcer would say the exact name that was relevant, and it says it at the time of the question. 

This method of an EVP session is not to be confused with the spirit box getting EVPs coming through. The spirit boxes that I have used are set up to sweep through the AM or FM channels at different scanning speeds.  As I use the spirit box, I listen for messages that stand out by speaking slower than the rapid voices that are coming through the millisecond intervals from the radio waves.  If you are interested in using a spirit box, I recommend the P-SB7 or P-SB11.  I have had good results from both instruments.

When I play back my recordings from a 30 second EVP session, I hope to get direct answers to the questions I have asked.  Of course, when that happens, I am convinced that we are on the right path of connecting with the ghosts/spirit we were intending to reach. 

Other times during an EVP session I might get names or messages that does not resonate with the history or the folklore that is connected to this location.  When I get this type of information, I do the research and sometimes I find another person in the history that we did not consider to be active in the haunted location.  I like returning to these places to see if we can continue to communicate to see why this spirit decided to come through to us.  Returning to any haunted location over and over makes for a great case study. 

Over many years of EVP research there has been a development in rating the EVP quality.

  1. An “A” rating is a clear message that most will agree upon translation.
  2. A “B” rating is a message that when heard by others can also translate into other sayings or messages. This type makes it hard to agree on what is being said.
  3. A “C” rating is a message that is unclear or contains too much static that will make it too difficult to understand by all that hears it. You can hear the voices and the syllables of the words or the rhythm of a sentence, but you cannot make out what is being said.

I feel more comfortable getting a name or message at a location when I do not have the history or knowledge of who or what haunts the place.  Once I get the EVP I can research to see if in fact the name or message is relevant to the history of the location.  It can be overly exciting to validate the EVP through the research.  I think this type of EVP is more reliable and credible for good solid evidence.  

If I go into a haunted location where I have the knowledge of the history, my mind is already set in what I hope we capture as we do the EVP sessions.  While reviewing these EVPs and I get names or messages that I have knowledge of I must ask myself if this is a case of pareidolia.  For example, because I am hoping for the name Bobby the EVP could be Tommy so pareidolia sets in and I’m convinced it says Bobby because of the stories I’ve heard about him.

Pareidolia (/pɛraɪˈdoʊliə/, /pɛriː-/) is the tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, or hearing hidden messages in music.

Now the link below is a fun link about misheard lyrics in some of the most popular songs in these times. I included this in hopes you will have a good laugh.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7my5baoCVv8   Misheard Lyrics | Peter Kay

During most of my ghost investigations I like to do a variety of EVP sessions.  I set up my digital audio recorder in my vest pocket and attach my mic to the shoulder epaulet to record the entire investigation. I find I will get more unexpected EVP messages and comments when I do this.  In one recording I got a warning from a spirit.  Someone in the group asked me if there was a basement.  As I was listening to my recorder, I heard a little girl say, “Go away” as if she did not want us to go into the basement. 

I take another audio recorder and I do a session that I call an absolute.  I ask that everyone become absolutely still and silent while I ask the spirit a question.  I will ask, “Sweet Spirits will you speak with us?  Do you have a message, or can you tell us your name?”  After my question, I wait 30 seconds as I hold the recording in my hand before completing the session, giving the spirit plenty of time to speak.  On playback I hope to get an answer to my question.  Sometimes, instead of a voice, I might get heavy footsteps, a whistle, labored breathing, or crying. I don’t’ get a response every time but when I do it’s awesome to feel that I am communicating with the spirit.  I refer to this as an intelligent haunting.

If I have several ghost hunters with me, I like to sit in a circle and have everyone turn on their recorders and I will ask 3 -5 questions.  I wait 30 seconds between each question.  Once the session is complete everyone goes into separate areas to listen to our recorders to see if you received any EVPs.  I like doing this one because of the variety of EVP we might get.  It is so rare to get the same EVP on multiple recorders, but it does happen. Sometimes the EVPs are different, and we can put the words together to figure out what the message is.

Another EVP session that I like to do is have my group sit at a table.  I take one audio recorder and place it in the middle of the table, and I take a second audio recorder in my hand.  I ask 3-5 question while waiting 30 seconds between each question.  Then I play back my recorder while the recorder in the middle of the table is still recording.  Once I have reviewed the recorder in my hand, I will make note of any EVPs I get.  I then gather the other recorder that has been recording the questions I asked, and it was recording the playback from my recorder. The reason I like to record my play back is if I did not get any EVPs on my recorder sometimes, they will answer the questions that came from the playback and that gets captured by the recorder in the middle of the table.  This is so exciting for me.


I have included below one of my favorite EVPs.  I captured this EVP while I was hosting the Bardstown Ghost Trek and we were in the conference room upstairs in the Talbott Tavern.  Over the years I’ve been getting EVPs from previous owners from the 1800’s and other guests that have checked in but never checked out. When I do these type of EVP sessions, I use the absolute method where I ask that no one move, speak, or make a sound for 30 seconds.  At the beginning of my recording I always ask, “Sweet Spirits do you have a message for us tonight.  Then after 30 seconds of silence, I stop the recorder and hit play back hoping for a response to my question.  I was so pleased to hear this message when I played the recorder back.  It said, “Sometimes I miss seeing you.” Since I have been doing this ghost walk for 23 years, I feel like I’ve make friends with the spirits that sometimes comes through and talks to us in the form of EVPs.  







The Day I met Sinbad (not the sailor…the comic)

The Day I met Sinbad (not the sailor…the comic)

The Day I met Sinbad (Not the sailor… the comic)

Since owning the ScareFest, Horror and Paranormal Con for 8 years I have had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic talented celebrities. Most of them represented the theme of horror or paranormal subjects in their movies or TV shows. There is nothing more exciting to me than a good horror story to make your imagination go deep into the scariest parts of your mind. 

After about 5 years of doing the horror part of entertainment, in 2013 I was so ready to attend the Comedy on Broadway show featuring the one and only, Sinbad!!   I feel as if he is the funniest and most talented man in his field.  His jokes were familiar about life and with his great delivery he made you laugh to appreciate such happenings.  As the night continues his humor only got better and better.  When he ended his session, I just wanted him to stay and continue his stories.  I did not want this night of joy and laughter to end.

Once his gig was over, he made his way out of the room by passing by the standing audience who were shouting words of praise and clapping as he passed.  I was standing on the end of one of the rows and as he approaches me, he stopped and shook my hand. Then he continued to walk out of the room.  OMG!!  This was so unexpected, and it totally made for one of my most unforgettable experiences. 

After the show on my way out, to my awesome surprise I learned that Sinbad was doing photo ops.  I immediately moved from the exiting line and hopped into the photo line.  I was totally gaga and overwhelmed by his status!!  I was having a difficult time being patient for my time with him during the photo op.  When I finally got to stand up beside him, I looked at him and said,” You are the best”.  I know that was probably the lamest thing I could have said but I was so star struck I’m surprised that I did say that.

I love how my photo with Sinbad turned out.  When I have a trying day, I will pull this photo out and instantly I will start to feel a bit better.  My appreciation for the experience to meet Sinbad was a joyous occasion that I will never forget.


  David Adkins (born November 10, 1956),[1] better known by his stage name Sinbad, is an American stand-up comedian and actor. He became known in the 1990s from being featured on his own HBO specials, appearing on several television series such as Coach Walter Oakes in A Different World (1987–1991) and as David Bryan on The Sinbad Show (1993–1994), and starring in the films Necessary Roughness, Houseguest, First Kid, Jingle All the Way, Good Burger, and Planes (2013).

To my dismay, I learned that Sinbad had a stroke in November 2020.  I am posting this in hopes that he will get more prayers and positive energy sent his way. Here’s What We Know About Sinbad’s Recent Stroke

Read More: https://www.thelist.com/279994/heres-what-we-know-about-sinbads-recent-stroke/?utm_campaign=clip