Today is my first day on my new website and writing on my first blog. I am not saying anything that has not already been said when it come to the most challenging year for most of our lives in 2020.  It would be pointless to bring up all the tests that came before me this year, so I will not.  The sooner I let 2020 go and move forward into 2021 the better! 

I am so looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for me.  I know that my gratefulness is at an all-time high when I think about all the wonderful and amazing friends that I have in my life and the awesome love and support I have from my family.  After my move from Lexington Kentucky to Nancy Kentucky, all the evidence occurring in the last few weeks has proven to me that I did the right thing with this move. I have now taken the opportunity to set my goals and dreams of going forward into more supernatural adventures.

Life will be crazy and wonderful, and I hope you will join me on my new blog and let’s talk.