Bardstown Ghost Trek

Bardstown Ghost Trek – 24 Years!

Every Saturday night – June 5 – October 30, 2021

Join us as we go on a ghost hunt, walk, and history tour down the shadowy streets of old historic Bardstown and hear about its ghostly activity from Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter. This is the 24th year of the Bardstown Ghost Trek.

The ghost hunt, walk, and history tour starts outside the Talbott Tavern. You may bring your cameras, audio recorders and video recorder if you wish to take part in collecting evidence of the continually active spirits who love being photographed on the tour.

During the guided tour you will hear real stories involving true experiences of people witnessing ghostly activity that is currently happening in the locations on the trek. Patti also brings her i-Pad where she shows pictures of ghost apparitions that have been captured while walking on the tour.

First and foremost, my heart goes out to anyone who has been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly.

Together, we have gone through some difficult times. This corona virus pandemic has affected all our families, businesses, communities, and our precious way of life.  At this time, I wanted to reach out to each of you with an update on how I plan to continue my ghost walk by following the rules for crowd gatherings.

At this time, the number of participants must be monitored so you will need to text 859-699-1800 to reserve your space on the Bardstown Ghost Trek.  Please reserve your spot soon.  You can pay with cash upon arrival.

Age group is 10 and above. 

Currently, please wear a mask.  If by June 2021 the mask requirement has been lifted it will be optional for you to wear the mask.

We will all stand 6 feet apart per group, not per person. (I have a portable speaker I wear around my neck and it amplify my voice).  If the distant requirement has been lifted, we will stand as a single group.

Please pay with cash. IF you need to pay with a credit card please make previous arrangements before the walk by texting 859-699-1800.  Thank you. 

Because of the COVID 19 controlled numbers of a group, you will need to text how many are in your group to make sure we do not go over the limit … (859) 699-1800. I will respond and add you to the reservation list and you can pay upon arrival.  Once you are on the reservation list and you decide you cannot make the tour please text 859-699-1800 so I can open your space for others. Thank you.

As we go through stages of the pandemic, the numbers to congregate will change and an update will follow.  Please text 859-699-1800 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your participating, understanding, and agreeing to this guideline for all of us to safely enjoy getting out with friends and family.

Talbott Tavern

The first stop on the Ghost Trek is the Talbott Tavern. After a brief description of history, we will go inside the tavern and proceed to the museum where Jesse James stayed during his visits to Bardstown. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a recording of Jesse answering a question. You will also see photos of an apparition of Jesse that was taken by previous walkers. Then we will gather in one of the most haunted rooms of the Talbott Tavern where we will continue taking photos or videos while standing in the mist of the ghostly activity. (Entering the Tavern may or may not be possible depending on the current events at the time of the tour.)

Jailers Inn

From the Talbott Tavern we will go to the Jailer’s Inn and stand out front while listening to the latest ghostly sightings. The jail was in operation from 1819 until 1987 and during that time it was the oldest jail west of the Allegany’s. The Travel Channel named the Jailer’s Inn as one of the 10 most haunted places in America.

Pioneer Cemetery

Next, on our ghostly route, is the Pioneer cemetery. After hearing the history and about the ghostly sightings you will be able to enter the cemetery to take pictures and if you have a recording devise you can try your hand at capturing EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

Bardstown Ghost Trek, guided walking ghost hunt and history tour

Dates: June 5- October 30, 2021 (every Saturday night)

hours: 8pm – 9:30pm.

Ticket: $15 each cash only please

you can buy your tickets on the outside of the Talbott Tavern at 7:45pm before the tour starts at 8pm, reserve your spot by texting or calling 859-699-1800 to add your name to the reservation list.

Please text 859-699-1800 — if bad weather is forecasted tour maybe cancelled.

If you have any questions, please call or text 859-699-1800 or Email:

Click here to visit the Bardstown Ghost Trek on FaceBook.